Beef Sampler

Bone in Ribeye (2) 20 oz Portions – Often referred to as a “cowboy” Ribeye Steak, these bone-in cuts will deliver a mouthwatering flavor and tenderness second to none. Each Ribeye Steak is thick-cut from our exceptional All Natural Rib Roasts while bringing the right amount of marbling for a juicy and rich beefy taste. These Ribeye Steaks are most noted for their rich marbling and natural flavor that run through each steak. It is this marbling that slowly melts and adds to the overall taste during the cooking process. USDA Premium Choice Grade

Filet Mignon (2) 6 oz Portions – Our Filet Mignons are hand carved from the center of the Beef Tenderloin for exceptionable flavor and tenderness. We begin by selection the finest All Natural Beef Tenderloin cuts available in which undergo a slow wet aging process. This brings out the marbling, texture and color to your table with style and taste. USDA Premium Choice Grade

Strip Steak (boneless) (2) 12 oz Portions – These boneless Strip Steaks are cut from the center of the short loin, by its name “New York Strip or Shell Steak”, it is a classic steak-lovers steak. These steaks are bursting with juicy flavor and aroma that come to life on your grill or broiler. USDA Premium Choice Grade

Tri-tip Roast Approximately 2.5 lbs – Bold, beefy flavor and juiciness are to be expected when you serve this family-style Tri-tip Roast. A great value for family meals, it’s often sliced for sandwiches and is a great choice for fajitas, as well as served in traditional roast fashion. USDA Premium Choice Grade


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